Laura Lezemore

As a teenager I was nice and slim, was very active and enjoyed walking, swimming and other healthy pursuits, then I discovered partying and soon slipped into a typical student lifestyle where I would party all night, eat junk and sleep all day! Before long I had crept from 8 stone up to a whopping 11 stone.

Being overweight was always an issue to me but I never had the will power or determination to do anything long term about it; I spent many years yo-yo dieting and making half hearted attempts at exercise. When I look back now I realise that I never had the support I needed to make a positive change to my lifestyle, and that in turn lead to many a failed attempt.

After meeting my husband (a major fitness fanatic) I decided to ask him for help, his energetic and motivational approach was just the tonic I needed and started out on my journey to a fitter and healthier me!

It took me just 8 months to shift the weight with a mix of sensible eating and regular cardio (running and cross trainer) I had to go shopping and buy a whole new wardrobe! I had gone from a size 14-16 to a 10 and all my clothes swamped me.

After a little while I started to take an interest in weight training as a way to help shape me up as I am a pear shape and wanted to tone up my legs and bum. After 6 weeks I could see fantastic results and that has been my incentive ever since.

During this transformation Rick and I bought Steve's gym and my commitment to my new body took a new lease of life and so I decided to do a body building competition. After 16 weeks of hard training and dieting I competed with the NPA in Taunton and came 4th place, which I was ecstatic with. I am looking to compete again this year and cannot wait to see what improvements I have made.

This goes to show that anyone can make that change and give themselves the body they deserve! I am happy to chat to anyone who is having a similar battle with their weight; I get a huge kick out of helping others reach their goals!

Anyone can make that change and give themselves the body they deserve!