Rick Lezemore

I have always been quite a physical person and have enjoyed a variety of sports through out my life. In my early twenties I joined the army and trained with the veterinary core as a dog trainer, this was very physically demanding and required a lot of endurance training and was very cardiovascular based. I also started doing some basic self defence as part of my training. I weighed just 10 and a half stone but was as fit as a fiddle.

Once I left the army I needed a new challenge and so decided to try my hand at martial arts, as I had already had a taste at what self defence involved so I started to learn karate. This new discipline helped me to develop more muscle tone whilst remaining flexible and fit; in 2000 I acquired my Shodan black belt in Keiko Shotokan Karate and my weight had risen to just over 12 stone.

During my Karate training we were introduced to Torite Jutsu which is the art of acupressure point application. This is something I still enjoy practicing and helps me to feel confident that if ever I got into a situation I could defend myself safely and effectively.

Once I acquired my black belt I was keen to put it to some practical and positive use and so I did a little door work; keeping my hand in with self defence and elements of my martial arts. I did this for 4 years and incidentally never needed to use it once! I was able to reason with people, and always prided myself on being a fair person and talked myself out of many potentially confrontational situations.

I continued my training for a little while after this and then also started to do weight training. Before long I was doing body building based training and stopped my karate. Due to my impressive gains I was keen to develop this and put some quality muscle on my lean frame. Over the years I have sculpted my body and I am now weighing 15 and half stone which is quite a contrast to how I looked in my twenties. The only down side to this was my flexibility had suffered, and so quite recently I have started doing karate again to help me get some mobility back, which is also important to my body building gains.

With all the experience I have gained over the years, I love nothing better than to help others reach their goals. Please come and see me if you need a kick up the bum or just some advice regarding weight training.

Over the years I have sculpted my body and I am now weighing 15 and half stone