What We Offer at Steve's Gym

Service Price
Body Stat Testing £10
Personal Nutrition Plan £10
Training Plan
(Personalised workout specific for your needs)
Complete Training Package (Beginners) £40
Complete Training Package (Intermediate) £50
Complete Training Package (Advanced) £60

A member's disclaimer/ health and safety form must be completed before starting any training/ nutrition programme.
See Rick or Laura for details!!!

Body Stat testing

Here at Steve's gym we offer a body stat analysis test which is an excellent starting point to any fitness journey. This test is unlike the BMI, which is highly restrictive and does not take into account your build and muscle content, this test gives us healthy and realistic recommendations based on your age, sex and body weight. The test will tell you your whole body composition; how much water, fat and muscle you hold, as well as your resting metabolic rate and estimated calorie requirements.

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Personal Nutritional Plan

A decent training programme is only part of the equation, good nutrition is vital for muscle growth, recovery, repair, health and general well being. Here at Steve's gym we do not advocate diets, we believe in long term lifestyle changes where-by we limit our intake of processed/junk food and concentrate on eating fresh whole foods wherever possible.

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Beginners Training Package

If you are a complete newbie or have not been to the gym in a little while, feel rest assured we will ease in you into your new lifestyle with as much support and guidance as you need. We have structured the following as a guide which can be adapted due to time restraints and budget.

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Intermediate Training Package

his level is perfect for those who have been training for a couple months and want to take the next step. This is also a good option for regular gym users who have simply changed gyms and want to take advantage of Steve's expert support and knowledge.

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Advanced Training Package