Body Stat Analysis at Steve's Gym

Here at Steve's gym we offer a body stat analysis test which is an excellent starting point to any fitness journey. This test is unlike the BMI, which is highly restrictive and does not take into account your build and muscle content, this test gives us healthy and realistic recommendations based on your age, sex and body weight. The test will tell you your whole body composition; how much water, fat and muscle you hold, as well as your resting metabolic rate and estimated calorie requirements.

From this information we can produce a bespoke nutrition plan to help you realise your goals.

The test takes just 10 minutes and costs £10

The Science

Historically the health professionals relied exclusively on the use of skinfold calipers to provide a better measurement than weight scales. Now the most popular and consistently accurate method called "Bio-Impedance Analysis" or BIA for short.

  • Body Composition is a more significant indicator of health than simple Body Weight.
  • Readily accessible data on Body Composition can form the ideal basis for a wide variety of therapeutic health and fitness programs.
  • BODYSTAT® consistently and conveniently provides reliable Body Composition information in a simple, safe and scientific manner.

So how does it work?

Fat and muscle are known to produce different levels of resistance to electricity so the body stat test involves passing a safe signal through your body measuring the resistance levels. The actual electronic measurement only takes three seconds and it is passed through your right hand and right foot whilst you lie on your back.

Bodystat is the company which has pioneered this technology in the UK and introduced it to health professionals throughout Eurpoe and other parts of the world since 1990. You can find our more by visting

Download your Body Stat Leaflet (PDF 3MB)

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