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Health and Fitness at Steve's Gym

Aside from all the aesthetic aspects to training, the most important benefits you can gain are the health related ones. Not only will your body be leaner and more toned, but your heart and lungs will work more efficiently and your energy levels will increase. Regular sessions at the gym coupled witha healthy diet could quite literally add years to your life; what better reason is there to get down here and have a chat?

Weight management (lose and gain)

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to a long and enjoyable life, not only does it provide numerous health benefits but it also gives us increased confidence and self esteem. Weight management programmes can be provided, tailor made to your individual need, we will never suggest restrictive diets and hours on the treadmill, but healthy and manageable methods for you to realise the body you know you deserve.

We will monitor your progress weekly or monthly to suit you with set weight ins if requested. Confidentiality is guaranteed as we are not only qualified in this area but have first-hand experience, which enables us to support you in a sensitive and appropriate manner.


Here at Steve's Gym we have a wide selection of cardiovascular equipment ranging from treadmills and cross trainers through to rowing machines and exercise bikes. We also encourage the use of weights to help maintain a healthy weight, but do not get scared you do not have to lift big heavy weights to get fantastic results. We have a small selection of dumbbells separate to the main gym area for those who may be a little apprehensive and would benefit from an area away from more experienced and advanced trainers. There are also a selection of ab rollers, leg raise machines, pilates balls etc to help tone up that tummy.


Support is key when it comes to embracing a new healthy lifestyle, we want to know we are making the best use of our time and money in a way which is healthy and realistic. We offer induction packages, body stat testing and nutritional advice as and when you need it at sensible prices. We are always at hand for help and advice during your sessions here at Steve's and support your journey from beginning to end.

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