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If we had the time, the money, the energy and the inclination it would be quite probable that our diets would provide our bodies with enough nutrients to achieve its best, after all this is how Mother Nature designed us. The reality is that we do not have the luxury of many of these factors and so supplementation has taken its place in modern day life, especially so for the athlete.

Along with the advantages of modern life such as developments in medicine, farming and water filtration there comes the down sides, as an era of convenience we, as a nation, consume excessive amounts of foods and drinks that effect the homeostasis of the body. Caffeine, freezing and preserving foods, and processed foods can take their toll, and certain supplements can counteract these effectively.

Supplementation can take the guise of many things, depending on what it is we are wishing to supplement. Regardless of what it is we wish to supplement the same is true, a supplement should do what the name suggests, supplement a healthy balanced diet, and not replace the nutrients.

To me, supplementation is a way of using all the advances in modern medicine and technology to aide us in our quest for optimum health. It can help to assist with specific dietary issues and medical conditions that before the modern age would have prevented a person from performing sport. Some of these include food allergies, antibiotic and oral contraceptive use, pregnancy and old age in general It can enhance performance and energy levels, it can aide hydration before during and after sport, provide antioxidants vital for free radical repair and it can also help with quicker and more effective recovery.

Clever marketing can sometimes give the wrong idea about supplementation, making people believe that they will become muscular and strong over night. Some may be mislead by advertising, thinking that by using the supplement and continuing to eat their usual poor diet that they will be over night sporting successes. These companies will have you think that there IS a substitute for a healthy diet.

There needs to be a greater level of education about supplementation so people know how, when and if it is appropriate to be taking them. They need to know what realistically they can achieve by using these products and how a good diet is the basis for good health. Just because a muscular man is shown on the tub, this does not mean that this product will solely do the same. He is probably taking another not so legal supplement to look that big!

The person will be disappointed by the results and give up or try another brand be disappointed etc, and never realise the benefits when used correctly. It is because of this reputation that some sportspeople do not believe in supplements, even though some very good quality products do exist. Like any product there will be good and bad varieties available (usually indicated by price)

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