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CNP Pro Peptide


The best slow and fast release protein on the market!!!!

CNP ProPeptide is an advanced blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins Whey protein high fraction concentrate Hydrolysed whey Egg white and micellar casein that provide both anabolic and anticatabolic properties meaning less wasted protein and better protein utilisation. Also included are probiotic organisms friendly bacteria which assist in protein metabolism leading to improved nitrogen retention the perfect environment for muscle growth and maintaining a healthier digestive system

A high concentration of peptide-bonded glutamine ensures a superior absorption of this vital amino acid. Pro-Peptide is low in fat and lactose allowing further ease of digestion, is the most advanced protein supplement on the market today and is ideal for the health conscious individual to the serious athlete.

How to use CNP Pro Peptide

Use as post workout nutrition or as a top up of protein during the day. Easily mixes in water or your favourite mixer.

  • A combination of fast and slow acting proteins for immediate but sustained protein release.
  • Probiotics to promote gut health and improved digestion.
  • A low fat formula, making Pro Peptide suitable for dieting individuals.
  • 2.2kg tub which contains 35 servings
  • Available in Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint choc and banana.
CNP Pro-Peptide Protein: The taste could be better, but having said that the protein is top. I always find myself trying new protein and then eventually coming back to CNP. I tend to use it for recovery, and it has seemed to reduce the aching a lot more compared to other proteins. I take Arnge krush before work out and Pro-Peptide after, works well. lean muscle gain has been great. Serg